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The Poyke is an iron pot with three legs and a lid, which has become an Israeli culinary tradition in the last decades. Cooking with it becomes an outdoor event ­during which you take a break in nature with a group of friends. The ingredients put in the Poyke include anything eatable- just throw everything inside (meat, vegetables, rice, beer, coke…) and put it in the fire. After one hour the meal is ready and delicious.

This Poyke is made out of porcelain, designed ­especially for home. Cooking inside ceramics is a known ancient custom that gives the food a special quality and flavor.  Experimenting with mixing different materials with the ceramic, led to discovering new textures and durability. Adding black sand to the bottom, makes it more fire resistant and adds other texture to it. This indoor cooking Poyke lets us enjoy the great experience and fun of the traditional Poyke- at home. You can use it on the gas or in the stove. 

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