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Nature Robots

Produce Energy From Your Vegetables!

Choose your veggie:

You can use potatoes, apples, lemons, oranges and tomatoes to create your nature robot, or experiment with other acidic vegetables or fruits to explore their energetic potential. Feel free to create different combinations with different kinds of veggies.

Design your robot:

Connect the red and blue parts to your veggies. You can connect the parts in various ways to create different combinations of nature robots. Just make sure that in every veggie you use both red and blue parts. Use the wires to connect all your veggies together, as well as the electronic device you wish to generate. Once you complete the circuit your veggies will start producing energy and your nature robot will start working!


How does it work?

By connecting zink and copper part with a vegetable, one can create a chemical reaction that makes up an electric circuit. The acidic liquid inside the vegetable forms a current between the two metal parts that can be used to generate a clock, a calculator and even a led light. 

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