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Mossi Sensor

The Mossi sensor is a device designated to be installed in the shower room of “Geha” psychiatric hospital. The device enables the medical staff to monitor patients in the shower room in order to detected unusual activity without compromising the patients' privacy, thus helping the medical staff ensure the patients’ safety.

Design requirements:

The system withstand room conditions such as high humidity and water. In addition the visible parts of the system must comply to the anti-vandalism demands.

External mechanics:


  • Aluminum outer case: Contains and protects the system inside

  • Tempered dark glass Durable and safe from vandalism, allows an optimal field of view for the sensor

  • Silicone rings: Seal the case, making it waterproof and moisture proof

  • Plastic parts: Holds the glass and connects it to the wall

Internal mechanical mechanism:

  • Motor mount with gear: Automatically adjusts to provide optimum coverage of the horizontal field of view

  • Pressure bearing: Reduces the load on the motor shaft

  • Device mount Manual adjustment for optimal coverage of the vertical field of view

  • Steam defogger: Activated by the humidity and temperature sensor when steam is created in the room.

Network design:

  • MOSSI sensor, Arduino + sensors above and a small computer.

  • The computer will receive and process the information from the Kinect and the Arduino.

  • All the processed data from each room will transfer to the nurse’s main PC through wires and the switch.

The software:

The software is written in C# for the PC and GUI and C++ for the “Arduino UNO”. It is responsible for identification and interpretation of the person movement and the communication between the PC in the room, “Arduino” and the nurse’s PC. The data from the sensors is presented in the form of status and alerts.

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