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3D printing is becoming more common as a result of more affordable printers and open source 3D files ready to be printed.


1. Finished product

This "machine" is not a prototype or a model. It is the product itself. It is design/ed to fulfill its function, using the most common PLA  polymer.


2. No Support

Structural supports are often used in 3D printing, is a material that goes to waist, takes printing time, rough finish, and most importantly, requires post printing manual labor. 


This design takes the limits of this technology. All the parts are designed to be printed completely support less. They all fit into one regular size home printer, and they are assembled with no need for glue or screws.


3. Easy production 

This specific shape of the embossing rollers would have been hard to manufacture in a different technique even for industrial machines. But for 3D printing it not mach of a challenge, no different from any of the other, simple geometry, parts.

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