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colaboration with Dr. Sharon Gat

Poorly managed waste has an enormous impact on people’s health, the environment and national economies. Clearly waste management requires not only governmental policies and technology but also most importantly public awareness.


TRASH-me is a habituating tool, which requires an active waste management in order to promote not only awareness but also encouraging people to take action when dealing with their solid waste. As a product TRASH-me, consist of two main systems: the trashcan and the App. Paired together TRASH-me enable a user\multiple user to be in control regarding their waste while aiming toward an improved environmentally and sustainable life style which can also be economically beneficial.


The trashcan is environmentally friendly by both materials and production processes. It is made of biodegradable material known as BPC, which is an advanced composite material. It incorporates a digital weight in the bottom and an Arduino-RFID reading and transmitting control system. The App, based on machine learning platform, aimed to monitor and evaluate personal solid waste in correlation to lifestyle. This obtained, by correlating between shopping list and actual waste thrown indicating the percentage of each waste type and recommending a more suitable shopping list by comparing between consumption and purchase.


The system can also recommend environmentally friendly substitutes, while indicating both amount of waste and money saving due to habits change and compare it to average\recommended goals. The App serves also as stand-alone system without correlating the actual waste but rather calculate a virtual waste expected according to the shopping list.

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