Coffee Percolator

one thing we can all relate to is our morning cup of coffee, the one before starting to make all of our day decisions. each coffee is different according to the place and the local costume and tradition.

private people in Israel are growing a local variety of coffee grains. this shows us we can
significantly increase the number of countries how can produce coffee, and by that reducing
transportation which is one of the biggest contributors to green house gasses.
the goal was to locally produce a coffee machine that will mach the local grain and the way to brew it.

the Israeli “mud coffee” is a local variation cooked on a small flame, over time, darkening and enriching the taste of the coffee. The design of this coffee maker draws its inspiration from the local Israeli tradition. The design of the hole machine is clean and simple to emphasize the importance and the special natural aesthetics that occurs in the glass heart of the machine.

glass making and sand casting:
it seemed natural to choose this traditional manufacturing process for the two main bodies. this way it can be made almost everywhere, also, it has a strong natural visual connection with the coffee making itself: steam, fire, water and the soil color palette.